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First look at N900

So today morning I got my Nokia N900 given to me by @WOMWorldNokia to try it out. When I clicked on the Menu, the icon on which my eyes stuck was “terminal”. Being a Linux enthusiast, this was the first place I am supposed to visit.

When entering the terminal I was greeted by

Busybox v1.10.2 Debian 3:1.10.2

I had always heard that it runs Debian. Here I believed it myself. Now that after Maemo and Moblin merged, MeeGo is taking the RPM way rather than DEB. Bad! Too bad for Debian lovers.

The built-in shell is “Almquist Shell” which is bundled with BusyBox AFAIK.

Next, tried to find out the details of the OS

$uname -aLinux Nokia-N900-02-8 2.6.28-omap1

So it uses Linux kernel version 2.6.28 and used Texas Instrument’s OMAP microprocessor. Last I knew, most of the NSeries phones uses OMAP.

gcc is not available by default, though it can be installed

sudo was available though I didn’t try it out with anything


I ran ‘df’ and all I got was (summerized)

rootfs: (in 1-K blocks)

Available: 233344

Used: 143324

/dev/mmcblk0p1: (in 1-K blocks)

Available: 28312128

Used: 251904

/dev/mmcblk0p2: (in 1-K blocks)

Available: 2064208

Used: 105308

Using free, I could find the memory

RAM: 256M

Swap: 768M

The best thing is that apt-get is available. Yet to install any application. Plan to do that tomorrow.



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Why people worship anything they find unusual?

Scientists say that the dinosaur site at Balasinor was accidentally discovered when palaeontologists stumbled upon dinosaur bones and fossils during a regular geological survey of this mineral-rich area in the early 1980s.

Fossils were found. Fine.

The find sent ripples of excitement through neighbouring villages and many residents picked up fossilised eggs, brought them home and worshipped them.

Just because something happened they never saw, does it mean it is sacred. It means you are ignorant. Stop worshipping and start gathering knowledge.

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